Christina Lynn Driscoll (b. Norwalk, CT) is a Boston-based artist and hoop performer. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design in 2015. What started as a disciplined study of space and perspective for her senior thesis has now evolved into a full blown exploration of virtual "mindscapes" and possibilities. Christina is also Artistic Co-Director and Hoop Performer for Boston Flow, an artistic performance troupe dedicated to bringing flow arts to the local community. Click here for more on Boston Flow, and here for Christina's performer page.

Artist Statement

The term "virtuality" is defined by a potential existence, or existing within the mind. In the process of creating works, I ask myself certain questions like “What is reality?” and “How can reality be defined when it is subjective?” These kinds of questions trigger an exploration of the physical and non-physical world around me. After I was in a car accident several years ago, I began thinking about the images someone can experience that exists only within their mind. The moment of impact I experienced was a very visual phenomenon of perceived light, presented without any external stimuli. This internal “light,” and the deconstruction of reality and space, became the focus in my art.

My artwork is a way of working through physical and mental scenarios about space that I cannot explain otherwise. I use principles of optical art and points of perspective to abstract and alter imaginary spaces. The work of Naum Gabo, Bridget Riley, and M.C. Escher has had a strong influence on my own work. I’ve always had an interest in sciences but never had a mathematical mind. This speaks to the occasional irregularities in my work, particularly within the line-work and also the compositions. I want it to be apparent that I am not a computer and that every single line was drawn by a human.

I consider this body of work a disciplined study through which I discover different ways of molding space in its most elemental form. I'm exploring a new visual language consisting of straight lines and intersections. These lines create a network of light and perspective that I feel is getting closer to the experience of space that exists within our minds. Making these images is almost a spiritual process for me — for the duration of the working process, I create an alternate space that I exist within. In this moment I lose myself — perhaps in this moment I become virtual. 


               Self Portrait - charcoal on paper 36" x 60"

               Self Portrait - charcoal on paper 36" x 60"